Saturday, August 6, 2011


Well, it’s that time of the year again. You can smell it in the air. You can feel it in the sunshine!! It’s coming!!!NEW SEASON!!!

What! No way!! You get out of the lush campus of IIT Madras and the reality hits you hard! Same hot humid weather! No respite! What kind of new season is this??

Ah!! Correction! It’s a new season inside DoMS, IIT Madras! Simply because……ACHTUNG!! SAMANVAY 2011 is coming! And its bigger too! DoMS completed its glorious 10 years and that adds to the extravaganza!

Now, some information for the uninitiated-SAMANVAY is the 3 day business fest on 9-11 September, 2011 organized by Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras. Samanvay’11 is a grand platform to exchange ideas about current business scenario and a chance to interact with brilliant young budding managers from all over India.And the icing on the cake is the lectures and panel discussions by the who’s who of today’s business world. The theme of SAMANVAY revolves around ‘Corporate Ranneeti’, as an attempt to showcase the complex nuances and intricacies of tomorrow’s corporate world to today’s budding young managers.

Phew!!How does it feel if you are in a restaurant with friends and one of them lectures you all about why you are meeting there instead of checking out the menu? So no more lectures! We check out the menu now!

For starters, let me tell you that there are On-line and On-spot events as well as Corporate sponsored events.The ingredients are as follows-

Online and On spot Events:

Here we have for you an array of simulations, quizzes, strategy games, crosswords, forex market games etc.

Now turning the page to main dishes:

5 Samurais: This is the chef speciality (read flagship event).You get in.You get to be a CXO.You run a company like in real life.You train yourself for that ONE BIG DREAM you have. It’s delicious!

La Rascasse: Another ace flagship. The best handpicked condiments coming together-Sports and Management! Emphasis will be on, bringing in the different streams of learning in management under a single canopy - 'Managing a sports franchise'.

Finnix: Extra spicy. Rather disastrously spicy. But you will never be able to get enough of it. It is like this-you have to turn your business back when disaster strikes. Yes-disaster strikes, you strike harder, It’s that simple.

Dot2Dot: Chain Reaction-anyone?? Here you have to build an efficient supply chain model to make your business thrive.

Arco Baleno: Close Encounter of the Human Kind. You get to apply your HR skills in given scenarios.

MARKTacTic: The Unique will always prevail over the obvious. More so in business. Where do you fit in? Well, YOU are the one to market that unique product. Excuisite dish, custom flavoured!!

Biz-Barons: You be the commander of your own mean..Business! You are the chief and you need to carefully deploy your resources to tackle the competition! Entrepreneurship is your thing here! By the way, you get to eat what dish you make!

Seems wonderful, doesn’t it? Come and get the real taste of corporate success recipe. All are welcome!

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