Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anecdotes of a colourful Holi

IIT-Madras always has an air of something waiting to happen…And indeed the campus welcomes festivals like families welcoming their NRI relatives during homecoming. The true spirit of the whole affair is reflected by the fact that celebrations cut across all religions and barriers, be it Diwali or Christmas, Onam or Durga Puja,  festivals spark off an excitement and create a buzz among all the IIT’ians. We were waking up to one such day ,the day of colours , our very own special fest – Holi.
            The late- riser’s at the IIT hostels, (I always form a part of this crowd), woke up to commotion and music interrupting their very precious morning sleep. Some of them, the (un)fortunate souls, who went to investigate what the whole tantrum was all about, were in for a surprise. They just had to reach the hostel porch to get the shock of their lives - seeing the alien-like hostelites (all of them were quite unidentifiable as humans after being bathed in colours from top to bottom).
            These poor souls, including me, were welcomed with howls of joy from the predators who  had  just spotted their next prey. With loud shouts they swarmed upon us in no time, pouring bucket loads of colour. Those who were quick enough to understand what was about to happen to them ran for spots to hide, but not with much success as they were dragged or carried back to “the” spot. It was truly a day of “No Escape”, no friends or foes; today there were only hunters and the hunted.
            After they had all the fun of reducing us to coloured zombies, with shirts torn and wet egos, we were offered sweets and snacks. During the handshakes and hugs that followed , few among the attackers knew that the hunted were hatching plans of taking revenge , and very soon at that. The day had just begun, and a colourful one it had to be.
            Once the hostel celebrations were over , it was now the time for us to march on to our respective departments for Phase two .The roads were filled with channels of colours. I was forced to notice a girl, who had just come out of her department after spending her entire night at the research lab, was chased by a bunch of guys armed with colour-guns. She ran for cover to the nearest trees, throwing away all her books on the way. There were gangs doing a campus march, dancing and spraying colours. I couldn’t help but notice a few deers, running around, covered with spots of uncharacteristic red and blue. The joy was shared among all IIT’ians, humans or otherwise.
            DoMS had it’s own share of events with the MBA students, research scholars and exchange students joining in on the fun. Those who were tired of it, sneaked away back to hostels and freshened up, but only to be welcomed again with a fresh splash of colours. Anyone who was spotted neat and tidy was not supposed to be spared, not today. Eggs were thrown ,to have that long lasting effect. It was a massacre of colours and smiles.
            As we neared the dusk, we realised that another special day at the campus had come to an end and as always we wished it hadn’t. The colours stayed on, perhaps to last for another bath or two , but the joy it spread will stay on forever. A colourful memory remains . . .

Submitted By:
Jagadish G.
Class of 2013
DoMS | IIT Madras

Photo Courtesy:
Rajan Vishwadeep
Class of 2013
DoMS | IIT Madras

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