Thursday, May 24, 2007

Two Unforgettable Years

In 2005 we entered as null,
In 2007 we go out as full,

Individual differences have always been,
But when we stand united they are never seen,

When we enjoyed amongst our fraternity,
They are memories that stay for eternity,

Four in a room, we never complained,
In them blood brothers we gained,

The lab has been our favorite hangout,
Sitting together for unforgettable nightouts

Evolved we have with our department- those are good ol' days,
Been part of its growth phase,

Now when we move out,
Success beckons us without a doubt,

No one else to us is a match,
For we are the Breakthrough batch.

When me meet each other sometime,
These we will recall, which were etched in time.

Farewell dear buddies,
Awaiting us are more goodies.

(MBA Batch of 2007)


  1. we shared but an year with you
    but an unforgettable year it was
    and no more shall the two batches interact as one


  2. I agree with will never be the same again, and though we are looking forward to what our juniors will be like, the secret hope in every heart is just one, that we can be to them, what you guys have been to us. Rightly said, there cant be any other batch like you.


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