Sunday, August 19, 2007

1st Year Freshies Have a Blast at Benz Park

It was another evening of party for the new DoMSians of IIT Madras. The newly arrived 1st year students were invited for the informal freshers' party organized by the 2nd year students at the Benz Park on August 14, 2007.

The first year students arrived at the premises at 8 pm. It was a very warm welcome that the seniors extended, cheering each freshie into the hall. Minutes after the entire batch assembled, Sathya, the emcee for the evening declared the dance floor. For the first few minutes, the dance floor was witness to only a few enthusiastic dancers. However, with the music turned on full blast, every person let his / her hair down. In the face of thumping dance numbers being belted out one after another, each DoMSonian set the dance floor ablaze. The fervent dancers danced with great passion to each song, be it a rocking Bhangra song or an equally groovy Tamil number.

The seniors had insured that no freshie would stop dancing for the want of energy. This was taken care of by the sumptuous dinner served that night. That was topped off with scrumptious ice cream and mouth watering 'Gaajar ka Halwa'.

Unfortunately all good things do come to an end. The closure of dance floor was greeted with great dismay by a crowd that reveled with the wild spirit of dance that night. However, it was the dance that got over, not the party. Sathya called forth talented freshies to come forth and display their talents. Picking up the gauntlet, Ashim Baidya sang a Sonu Nigam number. Then, in tandem with Abhishek Ratna, the duo rendered a song that described their life and times until then at DoMS.

At the closure, it was a very happy DoMSian that went back to his / her hostel with great memories of an evening filled with celebration and revelry.
Kunal Lal
(MBA Batch of 2009)


  1. Good show guys .... a good tradition of having an informal party! Maybe u shud call alumni who are in chennai for these parties too! ;)

  2. Kunal, Give Shankar his due credit. He sang the duet with Ashim ;)

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