Sunday, October 21, 2007

From the horse's mouth - Gyan from the alumni

When someone, who was there in the place you are currently in, and has reached the places you want to be , talks about things to watch out for, it is the time to listen!!!

As a part of the Alumni Cell initiative, the students of First and Second Year met Mr.Rohin Mahajan, an associate consultant from Mindtree Consulting. Rohin, an alumnus from 2005 batch shared his experiences in DOMS and about the skills needed, once we are out in an organisation.

The one hour session was highly informal and interactive. Rohin talked about what is expected in an organisation. He also spoke about the advantages we, as DOMSians , can exhibit and intiatives we need to take in the organisation.

The session gave students insights on what we need to do in the years in DOMS and outside DOMS to get the extra mileage.

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