Friday, October 9, 2009

Nomura Holdings MD Mr. Koichi Ikegami visits IIT Madras, wins hearts with his energy packed speech

On 29th of September IIT Madras had the privilege of being addressed by Mr. Koichi Ikegami , Managing director, Senior CommunicationOfficer , NOMURA HOLDINGS. Nomura Group, a Japanese firm, which was founded in 1925, now employs over 26000 people over 30 countries and 5 business lines. The core vision which drives the company is based on the three pillars: Change, World Class, and Speed.  Nomura acquired Lehman Bros in 2008 to emerge out as the core firm to manage the financial markets of Asia.

Mr. Ikegami joined Nomura in April 1979; he had been working with various departments over the 25 years. In June 2006 he was appointedas the Managing Director along with which he also shared his financial knowledge with students in various Universities in Japan and China.

Mr. Ikegami told that when 30 years back he joined Nomura he had a core belief that one day the Asian era would come. The economic development of UK markets was far ahead of any other markets in the world in 1900s. Then from 1930s the US era began, after 1970 markets of Japan and Germany went bullish and after 1989 the major market that is expanding is that of Asia with fairly good improvements shown by Australia, Africa, Russia and Brazil. Now after the recent recession the Asia is all set to dominate the world economy. In the Asian economy China and India would be the two major players which would drive the market with some support of Japan.

Mr. Ikegami made everyone realise, the time has indeed come for the Asian giants to rise. He told that India had a great advantage which it should cash on. First strength for India is its English speaking population which is lacking in China. Secondly the business would go where there would be brains. The Indian brains are respected in the international market for the acumen which would prove to be a great asset. Thirdly, its strategic location, as it’s positioned between South Asia and European markets. Asia is slowly becoming the financial centre of the world and India is in the Centre of Asia. So it would be benefited being in the centre of the centre.

He stressed on the fact that, the financial business is the key for the success of any society.  Therefore education and investments are two cores areas where the governments should concentrate for developing a country. Then he shared about his views on the social responsibility every company has towards the society. Nomura designs  and supports the finance courses for the university student. It provides special support for the Nikkei Stock  League. They also develop practical education material for schools.

Mr. Ikegami called everyone to come together to create a better world and in the end he left the audience with the words: “Go for it young generation...Go for it!!!” which left people spell bound reflecting on their capabilities which they never realised before.

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