Friday, February 5, 2010

Mahindra Satyam VP Shiv Ajagane shares 'gyan' on IT Retail & CPG Business

DoMS played host to Mr. Shiv Ajagane VP at Mahindra Satyam who spoke about the Retail and IT fields and their future outlook. Mr. Ajagane has around 20 years rich experience in Strategy Planning, Profit Centre Operations, Operational Excellence, Process Management, Sales, Support Client Servicing and team building, Team Management across Retail Merchandising, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology verticals. 

He highlighted the potential of the organized retail's measly 12-13% share in the Rs. 400 crore retail market. Online retailing was growing at a rate of 30-40% yearly. The retail trends were converging from globalization to localization to reduce the costs. The current retail industry was going green, shrinking store and audience size and making use of long tail strategy to tap ancillary products launched over the main product.

He talked about shifting demographics, customer expectations, creation of more value and multi channel integration for different channels. The worldwide IT spends by the industry was just 6% for the retail sector and it had a huge potential. He projected that the worldwide IT services would grow from the current $761 bn to $912 bn in the near future, with outsourcing getting a 10-30% share of additional investments. He spoke about the op 10 business and technology challenges that included business process improvement, reducing enterprise costs, business intelligence, enterprise applications, increase use of analytics and promoting collaboration technologies.

He described the hype cycle of technologies with an example of RFID adoption. He elaborated on the efficiencies of volume based SCM citing TESCO as an example wherein he made the students appreciate the scale of its operations with 265000 SKUs, 10000 suppliers and 4000 stores. He then went on to speak about the career opportunities in IT that included the domains of infrastructure and services, information design and management, process design, relationship and sourcing management and business process reengineering.

Mr. Ajagane concluded on an optimistic note by saying that the IT industry is poised for steady growth even if other cost effective centers like the Philippines have emerged. This trend is mainly due to India moving up the value chain and providing much more than just low cost services.

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