Friday, April 23, 2010

Movie Screening: The Truth About Tigers

On Tue, 13th April 2010 at 5:00pm, Prakriti, nature club of IIT Madras, screened a movie ‘The Truth About Tigers’ by Mr. Shekar Dattatri followed by an interactive session with him. The event was held at the IC&SR auditorium.

There is great public concern about India's dwindling tiger population. But the constant bombardment with numbers such as 1411 leaves people bewildered and a bit frustrated.  They feel helpless because no one actually tells them what they can do. It is more likely that people will be able to act in a meaningful way if they are empowered with the right information and direction. The Truth About Tigers is an unflinching look at the ground realities that prevail in India's forests.  It is a film that tells it like it is, and is a must see for all those who are interested in helping to save this charismatic predator. An accompanying website, provides additional information on tigers and their conservation.

Shekar Dattatri is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning wildlife and conservation filmmaker, whose films have been aired around the world on channels such as National Geographic and Discovery.  A committed conservationist, his well-researched films combine craftsmanship and artistry with a profound understanding of the nuances of conservation issues.  In 2004 he received a Rolex Award for Enterprise (Associate Laureate) for his conservation filmmaking, and subsequently, the Carl Zeiss Award for conservation, and the Edberg Award from the Rolf Edberg Foundation in Sweden.  He is a member of the National Board for Wildlife, which is chaired by the Prime Minister. More information on his work can be found at

In his dialogue with the audience, Mr. Dattatri said that the least a person can do is convey his concern regarding the issue by visiting the website and making sure that his voice reaches the right echelons of power. So if you’ve read this, and you really believe that tigers need saving, then visit the site and record your opinion. It is a small help to saving the magnificent creature which symbolizes India.

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Edwin Antony
MBA 1st year

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