Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DCL - DoMS Cricket League - The "Baap" of all Cricket leagues

DCL – The better version of IPL...

People play IPL for several reasons like, money , fame, a good hug from a hot star and so on. But DCL has only one purpose- FUN!!

So we play just for the fun, that makes the game better, what makes it best? . It wonderful set of teams and unique set of rules. For starters, DoMS Cricket Leaque ,(DCL) is the intradepartmental cricket championship of the Department of Management Studies, IITM, since 2006.
This year we had 12 teams which also included our very young alumni (who ironically called themselves old monks :P)

The USP of DCL,
  1. The team Composition -7+1 players with two gals (the gals part is compulsory)..
  2. The unique set of rules
Here is a sample set..
    • If a gal gets a catch, the opponent team loses five runs.
    • Guys have to bat with one hand when a gal bowls.
For the rest, u gotta mail us, for it is copyrighted and hence no disclosure in the public forums, especially not when Lalit  Modi is holding talks with our dept folks regarding this. ROFL.So how was DCL for the participants = cheer leaders = audience (Yup, we are really good at switching roles).

Those three days were definitely a true discovery of our physical and mental self . As always , all through it we had a lot of management lessons (and a hell lot of jargons too).

Whoever said, management lessons are to be learned from a playground had hit the bulls eye
  • Deciding between a good batsmen and a better bowler was workforce management
  • Planning fielding based on each player was strategizing.
We did have a lot more in the air like, equal opportunity provider, under promise and over deliver moral dilemmas (this was to decide who to sledge against :P)

Of course, the match was the biggest entertainer .Target runs ranged from 17 to 117 for a five over match and none of it was the breeze through match. With all those crazy rules, you never knew when the tables would be turned.

Looking back, the tournament's aim was just to have fun. But it gave us a great opportunity to know ourselves¸  our friends, to strategize, to find new nick-names, to play hard, party harder, to literally stretch out of our comfort zone, to get hurt, to sledge, to get sledged, and in the end work as a Team and win as DoMS.

Contributed by
Revathy Easwar, MBA 1st year

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