Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Shaastra is the identity of IIT-Madras and year after year it has been bringing together creative and intelligent minds to a conglomeration and this year was no different. In this year's event held from September 29 to October 3, student participants were from all IITs & other prominent engineering colleges across the country and the distinguished chief guests and event judges were from among the who's who of the research world.

It also gave the DoMSians a wonderful opportunity to collect the pearls of wisdom offered by professors such as Richard.B.Freeman, professor of Economics at Harvard University and Alex Taghi Tabarrock, a professor of Economics at Virginia’s George Mason University. If the thirst for technical enlightenment was quenched by astonishing events such as AirShow, HackFest, Da vinci Machine, AeROBOtics, Imagineer, the mathematics related Pentathlon, an array of workshops et al , ethereal entertainment was offered by a spellbinding Laser show which ended, aptly, in making us look forward to Saarang - The other big identity of IIT-M to be held in January 2011! The impact of Shaastra was so huge that it left people starting the 365 day countdown for Shaastra 2011 when the curtains went down.

DoMS Interface Team, 
MBA Class of 2012

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