Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Intriguing Case Study : Coca-Cola.

Corporate wisdom session of 12th October, 2010 was one of best sessions of the year so far.   Conducted by Mr. Davinder Singh, Business Head (Beverages), Cavin Kare Pvt. Ltd, the session was attended by both the MBA batches of the department. It featured a case study on consumer behaviour based on his real life experience while working with Coca-Cola.
The situation in case study was: Coca Cola was losing out substantial market share to B-brands in Kazakhstan. The bottler of the soft drink maker wanted the company to work out a suitable plan so as to thwart this situation, as they were in no condition to withstand any further losses. Now the question was what should Coca-Cola do? Case study was given to students few days in advance and all of them came well prepared for the session.
The session commenced with a brief introduction to the case and then the students proposing their worked out solutions.  After patiently listening to the views, Mr. Davinder Singh described the real situation to the students and told how Coca-Cola responded to it. The key insight was: Never assume anything about your customers and always make consistent efforts to know them better.
The students found the session highly interactive and insightful, and were impressed by the intellect and humility of Mr. Davinder Singh. We thank him for sparing his precious time for us and look forward to more of such interactions with him in future.

Corporate Wisdom Team,
MBA class of 2012


  1. Assumption can be the biggest downfall of many a company strategy. A little humility can go a long way in a marketing campaign.

  2. A little humility can go a long way in a marketing campaign. That I would agree

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