Saturday, April 14, 2007

Farewell Party 2007

Beedi, the classic number from ‘Omkara’ was the song that bought the first few rowdies on to the dance floor….then slowly followed others……and finally the girls joined in even though they would have liked some decent foot tapping number to begin with. The mood seemed to be all set for a party that would drag on well past midnight and with the copious flow of branded beverages, everyone simply swayed into the mood. Soon some fast track Tamil songs of the likes of Apudi Pode, Saraku Vicharake and Randaaka took the breath away from the frenzied guys and gals. This isn’t a scene out of a freaking pub in Bangalore, instead the venue was VGP Resorts in Chennai, where we had hosted the farewell party for our seniors (MBA Batch of 2007).

The place has to be seen to be believed- coconut and palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze of the nearby sea, the high tides owing to a beautiful full moon and a handsomely lighted vast lawn just besides the beach. Such was the paradise where we chose to bid adieu to our seniors. The evening had been fun with junta playing football and beach volley, while a few others preferring to stay cool by swimming either in the sea or in the nearby swimming pool. As the bodies started sweating profusely due to non-stop dancing, it was time for some rest and a sumptuous dinner, which had yummy dishes prepared by the specially chosen caterer. Desserts such as ice creams and gulab jamun soon followed and helped the freaks to gain most of the energy lost.

It was time again to hit the dance floor, though many preferred to sit and chit-chat, the seniors sharing memories of their two years ‘managing’ themselves in the Management course at DoMS, IIT Madras while the juniors getting more and more inquisitive and apprehensive about the year that was to follow. Lots of gyan, gossips and friendly swearing got exchanged only to be followed by as many cuddles and hugs. It was as if that was the only night to rejoice with the closest of friends…….and we as organizers simply loved the sight.

Then there were song dedications to vent deep feelings, be it secret ones or quite open ones, nevertheless they found an opportunity to get expressed. At around 1 o’ clock, we finally decided to call it quits, some out of fatigue and the rest out of fear of getting into the class on time, the following morning…….and there were still others for whom the night had just begun…..they were trying to form circles out of cigarette smoke sitting on the lonely beach!!!

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna – our only message for our beloved seniors!!!

Pritam Nanda
MBA Batch of 2008
(with inputs from batch mates)


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