Monday, April 2, 2007

Narayan Karthikeyan delivers an extramural lecture

The Dean(Students), IIT Madras, Prof. VG Idichandy presenting a memento to Narayan Karthikeyan (Left)

Event : Extramural Lecture
Date : 2nd April, 2007
Venue : IC&SR Auditorium

The Indian F1 maestro was in IIT Madras for a short and crisp interactive session with the students of IIT Madras. Just by looking at him you could make out how down to earth, dedicated, focused this man was. His achievements are no easy feats especially for a country where you can find no F1 history.

He started the session at 7 PM sharp with his soft voice, telling about this experiences in racing and particularly in F1. He started by sharing how his dream came true, when he shared the same pit lane with his idol Michael Schumacher and remarked that he had at least 5 years of racing left in him. After a brief 10 minute 'speech', he left the floor open for junta to throw their questions at him. The questions covered almost all the aspects of his career and experiences. Questions which were asked ranged from how games like NFS could be related to real racing (he told that simulation was actually used for practicing), what was the scope for technical jobs in that arena to what was his scariest moment in racing was. He obliged all and in a very humble manner by answering the questions.

Overall, it was one of the experiences which neither me or my classmates can forget. Just to feel the vibes, you should meet the man.
Rajat Saxena
(MBA Batch of 2008)


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