Friday, September 7, 2007

My Hero

We want to tell you something.
Kotler and Rubbins are good
but you told us how good is good
OB, I thought we knew since childhood
but it Organized and Behaved our senses.

Paradoxically speaking--"Who" is an answer at DoMS

Many lives,different and questioning,
we got frustrated by our own queries,but you didn't.
Like a candle you burnt and lighted our life.
Our inquiries so stupid
Phones ringing,but you like a rock
steadied and swerved our ships
and knew that we will learn and depart.

As our success brings joy to your soul
and Providence has assigned you the revered role
I don't know the dharma and karma, but bow to you
Praise you sir with the bottom of our heart
and paradoxically our debt has lowered our bottom.

------- From the pen of Abhishek Shankar

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