Thursday, September 13, 2007


Open your eyes
Avoid all disguise.
To win a game,
And for the fame,
Be on the ground,
Never push others around.
Make fun of your face
You better run your own race.

Open the doors
Look for the floors.
Don’t think three or four
Many more are in the tour.
Go with sympathy and grace,
Take all along,
And run your own race.

Push your limits,
Save your valve,
Problems are part but
There is a huge market to solve.
Don’t let your liabilities disgrace
You better run your own race.

Fundamental attribution error,
Can show you the terror,
If you pull the legs,
Change your perception rather,
All are as good as your grandfather.
It is more than a menace,
You better run your own race.

All nights we work like hell,
Not caring about the alarming bell,
Don’t ask and don’t tell,
Sell it, whatever you can sell,
Have some beer,
Ride on the deer,
Play with the monkey,
You are not donkey,
Broaden your horizon,
Yell like “Tarzan”,
Be you and seek your space,
You better run your own race.

Feel good to be a member,
Two years you always remember,
You won’t find this family again,
Be happy for whatever you retain.
Despite the teams and groups,
MBA is the only place,
Where you better run your own race.

Madhur Yadav


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