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SAMANVAY 2011:Day One

 The annual B-school fest of Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras - Samanvay, took place from 9-11 September 2011. Samanvay 2011, the 4th edition of its kind, comprised of various online and on-the-spot events, which saw the participation of about 6000 participants from over 40 business schools of the country, with 150 participants coming to DoMS. The offline events went on for over a month, from which the finalists were called to IITM for the final countdown.

Inauguration by Mr.Mukesh Malik
Samanvay 2011, started off with the welcoming of Chief Guest, Mr. Mukesh Malik, MD and Head, O&T, South Asia, Citibank. Along with  Mr. Pawan Aggarwal, CEO, The Mumbai Dabbawalas,  Prof V.G. Idichandy, Director, IIT Madras and Prof. G. Srinivasan, HoD, DoMS, IIT Madras were also present. The lighting of the lamp by our Chief Guest marked the auspicious inaugural of Samanvay. Our guests for the occasion, Prof G. Srinivasan and Prof. V.G Idichandy shared valuable words with the audience and infused further enthusiasm in all of them, including the participants for various events.Our Chief Guest, Mr. Mukesh Malik, then took over the podium, and shared with us the various financial perspectives pertaining to banking systems in India.The presentation that Mr. Malik gave was extremely informative and useful.

After our Chief Guest, Mr. Pawan Aggarwal took over to start with the guest lecture series and delivered an extremely interesting and enlightening speech on the operations of the Mumbai Dabbawalas. He provided insights on the ‘perfect’ supply chain management, and brought us down to the point of ‘having a passion to work and considering the customer as God’.
Prof.C.Rajendran presenting a memento to Mr.Pawan Aggarwal
Mr. Aggarwal has   won the ‘Best Teacher’ award for his contribution in education field and has delivered lectures in Netherlands, US, UK, Paris etc.

Mr. Narsimhan in an interactive session
This lecture was followed by the 2nd lecture in the Guest Lecture Series, by Mr. Prasad Narsimhan, Managing Partner, Brandgym, Asia. He provided various valuable insights on ‘Personal Branding’ and stressed the impotance of developing a ‘Creative economy’ in the present times. He emphasised the importance of Ideas, Mental Conditioning, Speculation etc. in personal branding, which has become inevitable in today’s competitive world. His speech opened our minds to think in a different and innovative manner.

The final guest lecture of the day was given by Mr. Balakrishnan, who is a consultant and Ex-EVP at Edelweiss. He specializes in Credit, Capital, Markets and Investment Advisory. His valuable insights on these topics provided the audience with the necessary practical aspects to the issues relating to it.

Mr.Balakrishnan in the final guest lecture session
This marked the end of the first day of Samanvay 2011. It was, in all, an intellectually stimulating series of lectures, which was a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and the usage of the knowledge into practical applications.

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