Saturday, September 1, 2012

An Amazing Hill Station:

It was 22nd July and after lot of negotiation and bargain with autowallahs, I finally reached IIT M campus to begin a new voyage of 2 years at DoMS. The metallic IIT M logo embossed at the entrance gate with motto “Siddhirbhavati Karmaja” (Effort Yields Success) makes you realize the reason and purpose of being here. The beautiful lush green 620 acres campus, which is home to deer, blackbucks, birds and notorious monkeys, compels you to explore every corner of it. Monkeys may create lot of trouble if they somehow got into hostel room. One day I forgot to shut the back door of room and when I returned, a monkey was feasting on fruits kept on my table and had created a big mess over my notebooks. In fact, I was told that there have been cases of cell phones being taken away by monkeys in past.

But, here, people really love and care for animals and which is why students of IIT M are not allowed to use fuel powered vehicles. At many places in campus, I found this post “Our campus is beautiful and we want to you to enjoying it by driving slow”. Every day I see deer and blackbucks roaming inside Cauvery hostel and on the way to DoMS. Even the outsiders, who come with vehicles to visit the campus, drive slow and stop whenever any deer is running across the road.