Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Background

The Department of Management Studies [DoMS] at IIT Madras formally came into existence in April 2004, though a full-fledged two-year MBA programme was being offered since 2001 under the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. The industry's growing demand for high quality management research as well as managers trained in the finer nuances of business and technology provided the drive to set up a separate DoMS, offering an MBA programme comparable to the best B-Schools in the country.

DoMS strives to achieve excellence in management education and produce world class research. The department stands by its motto - 'Quiet Excellence Demonstrated'. Though still in its nascent stages, the programme has already achieved substantial appreciation and visibility among corporates, as evidenced by the excellent placement record for the last three years, and stellar performances by the alumni in the organizations they are working for. Currently, the department offers degrees in MBA, MS and Ph.D.s in various functional areas and specialized domains of the industry.

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