Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marketing Club - Talk on Retail by Surya and Quiz by Rajeev Jain

Marketing Club Session
Date: March 14, 2007
Venue: DoMS 101

The marketing club meet was primarily divided into 2 parts: a lecture and a Quiz. The session on "Facts about Retailing in India" was taken by Surya and covered the broad aspects of retailing in India vis-à-vis the world. It highlighted that the growth in organized retailing, though many a times based on gut feeling is based and backed by numerical data and that numbers wouldn't even spare marketing. He talked about the potential in organized retail, the evolution - how it all started, various strategies adopted by various players in the industry like expanding into smaller cities, focusing on Supply Chain Management and multiple formats.

He also pointed out the factors that were leading to the exponential growth in organized retailing such as increase in the number of working women from 22% in 1991 to 26% in 2001, higher propensity for spending, people preferring one stop shopping, increase in nuclear families (average household size has decreased from 5.57 in 1991 to 5.36 in 2001 and per capita consumption increases with nuclear families), Baby Boomer Effect, increase in urban population, increased use of credit cards, reduced set up cost as people can now rent space in malls rather than buying it etc. Expansion plans of various business groups, segment wise growth in organized retail and challenges for organized retail were also covered in detail.

Surya’s presentation was followed by the Marketing Quiz which lasted for about an hour and was prepared and conducted by Rajeev Jain. Fabulous quotes by marketing gurus, trivia involving Smintair, Amazon and even Marilyn Monroe occupied some place in the quiz. Think about the only long term relationship Marilyn ever enjoyed (Lee Jeans…!!!). And what to speak of the final round? Teams engrossed and fighting to figure out the final answers with the intermediate ones to gain the bonus points. Four teams were formed with 3-4 members in each team. The quiz had 3 rounds. The first two rounds had 10 questions each which were put to teams in turn. The third and the most interesting round was the buzzer round. Winning teams of each of the round as well as the final winner were worthy of chocolates and the final winners bagged the Java Green coupons.

1st Prize: Sathya, Surya, Supreet, Keerthy
2nd Prize: Astha, Prono, Bala, Rahul Maheshwari
Rajeev Jain
Rahul Maheshwari
(MBA Batch of 2008)


  1. The last round was an absolute peach....Looking fwd to more such interesting ones in the future...

    Maybe the crosssie + quiz formula adopted at the crucibles......

  2. Doc's quiz was a was surya's ppt....howcome the non-core marketeers are so good at this tuff?!?

  3. Bhai....A person need not be a marketer/Non-marketer to do things in a right manner...As we had discussed some time back,a person who loves business will love all aspects of MBA be it systems, HR, Operations,fin or Mktg....


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