Wednesday, March 21, 2007

DoMS Rocks…again! Taking DoMS to newer heights!

Priya and Prashant giving a presentation on 'Employer Branding' at 'The Athenaeum' at BIM, Trichy

DoMS has always been ‘Quietly’ making waves all over and ‘Demonstrating’ its ‘Excellence’! And this time, it was on a higher level; both geographically (being an International event) and academically (check out the participation profiles).
Courtesy: None other than the creative duo of our class, Prashant and Priya!

Prashant and Priya won the first prize at ‘The Athenaeum’, an International Conference on HR and IT Management. The conference was conducted by BIM, Trichy in a large auditorium in BHEL campus. The conference was on a very large scale. It was attended by domain experts and practitioners from both education and corporate world. So, most of their competitors were almost double their age!

Just to give some examples on the profile of their competitors:

1. Research Scholars from Institutes like IIT Kharagpur, Madras University, etc.
2. Professors from institutes like IMT Ghaziabad, ICFAI, IIT Kharagpur, FMS, NIT
3. Directors of some colleges.
4. International participants (including Corporates and PhDs) from Mexico, Canada, Pakistan, Dubai, etc.
5. Corporates and Consultants from Satyam Computers.
6. And ofcourse, Students from various top colleges across India.

The participants were given freedom to present a research paper on any topic they were passionate about. For the HR category, 21 papers were short-listed to be presented at the conference. This included 16 National papers and 5 International papers. Prashant and Priya presented on “Employer Branding”, which with increasing competition, has become vital in the long run survival of any company. They were highly appreciated for their creativity and views on the topic by the chief guest as well as all other participants. It was thus an apt example of “QED” by DoMS.

All research papers presented were compiled into a book, “Perspectives on HR and IT Management” edited by P David Jawahar and Ramesh Venkatraman. The book, priced at 499 INR, was also presented to all participants. The event was actively covered by media. DoMS was the center-point of attraction at the conference.

This victory has taken DoMS to greater heights and we shall not relent at this. This is just a beginning and an inspiration for all of us to continue our efforts in attaining even more accolades.
Prerna Modi
(MBA Batch of 2008)


  1. Great Job guyz....
    Keep it up...!!!

  2. Well.. Thanks a lot! :)

    It was only possible b'cause of the whole hearted support of the Dept.

  3. well done guys!

    keep the faith...and all the best for your future endeavours

  4. Well done guys n gals.... thts a nice take off :)
    ATB...... keep it upp...


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