Saturday, March 17, 2007

GT/PI FOR BATCH OF 2009..over!

SO finally!
the efforts payed off...
since its will take the names of all the people who have made this whole process so wonderfully done..
1. Pulkit 2. Dinesh 3. Vivek 4. Keerthy 5.Sriram 6. Amit 7.Rahul Biyala 8.Shilpa 9.Meghna 10.Vinayah 11. Prerna 12. Bala {city tour! } 13. Megha 14. Sathya
special thanks to Rajat..he made all the effort on pagalguy.. trust me frends..that made so much of a difference..every candidate was asking for rmbt rmbt and rmbt! kudos!

we did some thing different this time guys. we assigned a volunteer to a bunch of 6 people{divided panel wise} this time. that volunteer was responsible and was with the candidate for all his purposes. the volunteers numbers, details etc were put up, to enable easy reach. this went down very well with the candidates and they were very impressed by the concern and thought which the vols showed towards them. everyone got the info they needed {academic and otherwise}. in fact if you guys chek out the feed back board in the lobby you'll see people writing names of their vols and mentioning special thanks to them. they worked really really hard! all and every single one of them!
all candidates who needed accommodation were provided the same {an initiative by rajat..}
that was helpful to them
some body was at the help desk from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening {sathya and me}, which was also reported to be a thoughtful measure!

of course, the candidates were impressed thoroughly by the HoD's speech and the faculty's demeanour during the process. they liked the faculty's approach and GD topics provided to them. the best part they felt {chek on the feedback board} was that the whole process went on very very fast, and they were not made to wait for too long. on and average the process finished in a max of three hours.

the PPT was again another thing which was very much appreciated, with shilpa and arpan's voice guiding them thru the process. they said it was one of the best they had seen in a B-SCHOOL, very professional! { and Sathya will kindy take credit for that :) } and of course, Chaitu's video was awesome. it captured the whole past year beautifully.

The office staff, Meenakshi ma'am, Srini sir, Muthu sir, Vasudevan sir, couple of unnamed people here and some research scholars were really helpful. made the process really easy. thanks to them too!

Sangha ma'am deserves a very special mention here guys! she was the rock behind the wall we all showed the world. every bit of detail was handled by her.

you guys should read the feedbacks on the board {another innovative idea}. people were generous with their comments. you'll come to know whr DoMS stands today! people are giving us higher preference than our counterparts, and I mean the worthy ones! was heartwarming and was a big big morale booster.

the interactions team supported the panel teams fully! for once, the profs would be glad the way the operations took place this time {including scheduling} without an MRP!

thanks once more to all the people mentioned and not mentioned here!
hope we get gr8 juniors this time.. {sorry guys! the number of girls was a dismal value}
they r the ones who will push the cart while we have to pull it!

chek out pagalguy too! read the feedbacks!


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  2. Congrats to all the guys involved for doing the job exceedingly well....Hope this good work translates to the good incoming batch....!!!

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  4. Hmm... the act of synergy ! Great work from our juniors; right from planning to exectution ! I could see the arrangements a day before ! Right from schedule to the volunteer assignement, hospitality..every single activity was identified and planned from the meta level to the micro level !!! kudos to the efforts !

  5. a special word of thanks to Lavanya who acted as the commander of the troops and lead us all to glory and fame :)

  6. One of my friend who attended the IITM GT & PI was of the opinion that GT is better than GD. He also said that the student volunteers here were much more helpful than at other places. I was also happy to see that more people with more work-ex were interested in DoMS IIT Madras.I think that DoMSians' work is creating waves...

  7. Just brilliant...
    The kind of effort put in is just too good...

    Hats off to all of you...
    Special thanx to Rajat for handling the PG thing so well and Lavanya for putting in that extra effort..( Right from the ppt preperation ).....

    Great work ppl...

  8. kudos to Rajat and Lavanya.. jus brilliant and amazing dedication.. hats off


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