Thursday, March 15, 2007

Event - CW - A session on Six Sigma

Corporate Wisdom Session
Date : 14th March, 2007
Venue : IC&SR Lecture Theatre

It has been a hectic week for DoMS, IIT Madras and still some more action is pending for the weekend when the aspirants for DoMS, IIT Madras would be having their GT and interviews (Chennai Round) as a part of the selection process.

It was a matter of great pleasure and pride to have Mr. R Jagdish, Vice President- Mission: Quality, WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED with us today to deliver a talk on Six Sigma concept and its applications to the field of IT services. An alumnus of NIT Nagpur and ISI Calcutta, Mr. R Jagdish has worked with over five reputed companies before joining Wipro Technologies four years back. Trained as a Six Sigma professional at Motorola, he is armed with the foremost knowledge on quality standards in the industry.

Starting with the basic concepts of quality, its measurement techniques and usage of statistical tools in quality control, he comfortably led us through the rigours of Six Sigma concepts. His art at the use of real life examples and anecdotes to illustrate the concepts of Six Sigma helped us drive away the awe surrounding the concepts. He dwelt at length on the various benefits of Six Sigma, the challenges in applying it and the conditions under which it should be applied.

Certain key concepts that underlie Six Sigma, like data collection, attributing causes and identifying sources of variation, normal distribution, specification limits and maximum permissible deviations were made clear by him in a lucid manner. The students also got a feel of the various Project Methodologies like DMAIC, DSSP, DSSS, and DMADIV which are being used by the industry to implement Six Sigma in their projects.

The talk was highly useful to the students as they could relate a lot of it to the concepts of Total Quality Management (TQM) which finds a place in the course curriculum for the running quarter.
Pritam Nanda
(MBA Batch of 2008)


  1. If we ever thought why are we reading the f-test and chi square test and regression and such kind of stuff..I guess this talk clarified the importance of it....

    As they change, the World might change but the FUNDAS do not...

    Beautiful lecture.....just gave a lead for interested ppl to read further....

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